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Leading contemporary specialists.

Tunnel Wall Light, Galeria Melissa, Covent Garden, London

We work with cutting edge designers.

Galeria Melissa, Covent Garden, London

Creating lighting masterpieces.

Chandelier, Galeria Melissa, Covent Garden, London

Introducing bespoke solutions.

Private Residences

Bright & Innovative.

When global brands want to make a statement with light they come to MJ Lighting. Collaborating closely with the UK’s top lighting designers and architects, you will find our bespoke products wherever the quality bar is set at its highest.


You’ll inevitably find MJ Lighting products wherever a top-end lighting scheme is an absolute must. Helping designers and clients to fulfil an ambitious vision, MJ is regularly working on significant installations across a wide range of sectors – chief amongst these would be architectural, retail, heritage and residential projects.

Made in the UK.

All our bespoke lighting products are manufactured at our UK headquarters. Adhering to our own rigorous manufacturing control procedures we are able to achieve consistently high quality standards. Every single aspect of the lighting solution offered is uniquely designed and manufactured to the client’s specification and will conform without any exception to the LIA Quality Assurance standard.

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Our collections.

Whether it’s the breath-taking and industry acclaimed light installations, or lighting for industrial and commercial use, we create bespoke lighting for every setting.