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Lighting awards are always a huge part of the year for any industry, in the lighting industry it’s a chance to showcase and share innovation within the sector and see which sectors are seeking more help and consultation with their lighting projects. Here at MJ Lighting, we have decided to look back at the past Lighting Design award winners and pick our favourites.


The Four Seasons Restaurant, New York, USA

Tillotson Design Associates

4 seasons New York

The Four Seasons in New York City is an iconic hotel and restaurant, so when they came to relocate the restaurant, it offered the opportunity to enhance the dining experience for their customers. To create a high-end feel within the restaurant, harsh lighting was avoided and so with the use of bronze tubes, they provided soft indirect light. 

The lighting was designed to meet the needs of the dinners, creating a unique experience as well as following the emergency lighting needs. Battery-powered lamps were used on all the tables, creating just the right amount of light. The windows are covered in gold mesh panels and linear LED grazers integrated into the bottom support frames. 

Other areas of the restaurant were provided with more ambience through the use of softer lower light, created using linear grazers that were integrated into the flooring and the air-diffusers.  

The lighting within this restaurant was also used to highlight the architectural detailing and create the feel of this iconic establishment.   


T2 Luxury Mall, Melbourne Airport, Australia


T2 Luxury Mall, Melbourne Airport, Australia

The normal shopping experience within an airport is nothing luxurious, with bright fluorescent lights used in most terminals. Melbourne Airport wanted to create a different feel within its terminal 2. The lighting here was designed to create a memorable experience for visitors to the terminal to take away with them.

The lighting was designed to interact with the architecture as though it had always been there, highlighting the beautiful geometric ceiling. 

The lighting used was 5-metre long gold channels integrated into selected seams of the folding ceiling structure. Each channel houses four 31W trimless, high-contrast light fittings. This solution meant that the lighting was discreetly placed out of sight, creating a glow across the ceiling. Spotlights were also used above the stores to highlight even further the unique shape of the architecture. 


Nousaku office and factory, Toyama, Japan

Sirius Lighting Office

Nousaku office and factory, Toyama, Japan

Nosaku required several solutions to their lighting needs within their factory. The factory is functional as well as offering tours to visitors showcasing their 100-year heritage. The factory needed to ensure it was well lit for the workers to use the large machinery, therefore linear LEDs were suspended above the machinery which created a bright light to work under. These lights also incorporated a unique design feature as the rectangular suspended lights increased in size from the middle of the room extending outwards. 

The lighting for tours provided within the factory needed a different feel, and therefore strategically placed spotlights lit the pathways and viewing areas for the tourist. These spotlights can also be seen from outside the building creating a glow from the lower story of the building due to their full height windows.   


The CityLink Sound Tube, Melbourne, Australia


The CityLink Sound Tube, Melbourne, Australia

The CityLink Sound Tube is one of Melbourne’s landmarks, being designed and built over 20 years ago. Not wanting to change the structure of the Sound Tube, the designers were asked to only enhance it. The solution would completely transform the Sound Tube at night, the colour selectable RGBW LED units were chosen to wrap the inside of the building. It was important that the lighting was able to withstand the elements and create no direct light to affect drivers and their driving, by concealing the light fittings into the girder beams it achieved these goals. 

As the lighting within the tunnel needed to be versatile, the selectable colours were the perfect solution, and also gave the functionality of being able to celebrate local events as you enter the city. Although these lights don’t change while they are on, to prevent distraction of the drivers, due to the motion of the vehicles, the lights often seem to change as you driving through the CityLink Sound Tube – a very clever and innovative design.


To view more lighting design winners visit the Lighting Design Awards 2019, all photos featured were taken from their website.

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